NOTICE TO BUYER...These model rocket kits are not toys! They are not recommended for children under 18, unless used under adult supervision. If not assembled and used properly, they could cause property damage, personal injury, or death. By purchasing a kit, the buyer agrees that Binder Design is not responsible for damage occurring through the use of the product and shall be held harmless in any such claims. If the buyer is not prepared to accept full responsibility for the use of this product, buyer should return the unopened kit in original condition to place of purchase. Always follow NAR or Tripoli Safety Codes when using any model rocket products, and use common sense. These models may require FAA waiver for flight. Consult your local rocket club for more information or contact the NAR or Tripoli High Power Rocketry Association.


Your privacy is important to us! All information that you provide to us will be used solely to process your order, and will not be disclosed to anyone else, nor will it be used for any other purpose.


For a refund or exchange of the full purchase price minus any shipping charges, please return the unopened product in original condition to Binder Design. If the product was purchased through one of our retailers, please return it to them for refund or exchange under their return policy.