Customer Comments

We gotten lots like these, but recently decided to share them. If you've got a success story, feel free to e-mail it to us and we'll put it on the site. Our kits feature thicker walled kraft tubing than LOC for toughness, but are lighter and easier to work with than PML Quantum tubing. Give us a try and you'll be hooked on our quality!

We're crazy about Binder kits - they go together perfectly, they fly wonderfully, and they look terrific! We've built kits by LOC and PML, and Binder is IT! We can't wait to get busy with our Stealth.

Peyton and Debbie Randolph

Dear Binder Design,

I am building the Gangsta with my son. It appears to be a very nice kit and the instructions are in plain English--a striking contrast with some of your competitors.

many thanks, Jeff Herbst


I was extremely impressed with the delivery of my new Velociraptor Rocket. I ordered it on Saturday and received it on Thursday. The quality of this rocket is second to none. I can already tell that it will be a great flyer.

I have built 4 BSD Rockets, and am almost done with Apogee's Saturn V. The Velociraptor will be my Level two certification rocket. I can already tell that the Choice was an excellent one. Oh, and by the way - your website for ordering on line is one of the best kept secrets in rocketry. Just a great buying experience, I can't wait to see your next premium kit.

Todd Bavery
Geneva, IL

I have a Yank 3Ē BBX kit for my level 1 cert, but I do have to say that the Sentinel looks cool as hell by comparison, and itís already making me look past my BBX because I canít wait to get at it!

Itís really nice to see the quality control you guys have installed there. From the packaging to the instructions right on down the line, the kit screams out the attention that went into making sure it was first rate. Thanks for putting in that extra little bit of effort. It really makes a difference.:)

Jon Hatch,
Oshkosh, WI


The first thing I would like to say is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nine days from order to at my door in Canada, that is a record and I have been mail ordering for many years now. Second nice kit ( Excel Plus ), couldn't wait to get it started. This is my first venture into HP and will be using it for my Canadian Level 1 this coming Labor Day Weekend .
By all means you can use my comments. Service like yours deserves recognition.

Kevin Robinson,
Ontario, Canada

Hey Mike,

You won't believe it. I got the slotted/cut tubing at my door on Sat. Everything was in great shape and the slots/cuts were perfect. Thanx so much Mike. I think the way you cut the slots is a great idea. You make it easier on the hobbyist but you don't have to spend too much time on production of the kit. Thanx for getting the order out to me so quickly at a great price.

Wayne Miller
Chesapeake, Virginia

The Raptor was very easy to build and the instructions were very clear. I was very impressed with the materials, everything was of the finest quality. This was my first Binder Design kit and I look forward to ordering more!

Mike Nash
Tempe, AZ