9V Battery Holders

9V Battery HolderThese quality battery holders provide secure mounting for 9V batteries. They have a support that prevents the battery from directly sliding back and off the contacts and tightly hold the battery against the backplate with molded retention nibs. They also have countersunk screw holes so the screws do not get in the way of the battery. These battery holders include holder and (4) 4-40x1/2 flat head screws, washers, and nylon insert lock nuts. All hardware is stainless steel. Soldering is recommended.

These are not the cheaper 9V battery holders found on ebay. Be cautious of using those found on ebay as many have a flimsy retainer for the base of the battery and are prone to flex and crack.

Note: While this is a very secure mount, we believe in a belt and suspenders approach with batteries and recommend using tape or a velcro strap as additional support on the battery.

For those of you who are not setup for soldering, we offer the same battery holder with 12" of red and black wire soldered for you. This includes heat shrink to minimize to potential of shorting. $3.00

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