Terminal Blocks

Terminal Block KitsThese are terminal blocks for your forward and aft bulkheads or inside your avionics bay. These are top quality and have a clamp plate to prevent the screw from mashing the wire. They will handle wire down to the Quest Q2G2 without a problem. The kit includes a pair of terminal blocks and stainless steel hardware to mount them. They come in 2 and 4 position blocks and include a tool to assist in the installation. $3.00
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Thru-Bulkhead Terminal BlockThese are small footprint terminal blocks for your forward and aft avionics bulkheads. These are designed around the same principle as our combined Charge Well/Terminals, using the mounting screws as the conductor through the bulkhead. These allow you to use most any Charge Well on the market. The kit includes a pair of terminal blocks, stainless steel hardware to mount them and 6 ring lug wiring pigtails. Like our Charge Well/Terminals, the ring lugs are available precrimped or as pieces (uncrimped) to allow you to add them to your existing wiring.

The kits come with small format 4-40 nuts and we provide a couple extras in case you drop one on the grass.

NEW: We now offer an alternative to the small format nuts to make field use a little easier. These are small brass knurls nuts that are easier to grip.

WARNING: The mounting screws are part of the electrical circuit and need to be protected from shorting by metal objects (Quick Links, metal tape, aluminum bulkheads, etc) or your altimeter will not work. We recommend wrapping the the screws with electrical tape to aid in preventing inadvertant shorts. If you are mounting to aluminum/metal bulkheads we offer screw isolators designed to insulate the screws from the bulkhead.

Package of 2 $6.00

Screw IsolatorsThese are used for conductive bulkheads like aluminum or carbon fiber. Available in three different lengths to accommodate your bulkhead thickness. Fits #4 screws. Package of 4 $1.75
Bulk plate thickness:

Brass Knurl NutsPackage of 4 $2.00